Cereal trading

Customized solutions to partner requirements

Agriculture is, without a doubt, the most important industry in the world. And because we only want to sell quality grain, we ensure to check the quality of the merchandise before each transaction. We can affirm that we rely on very good relationships with trustworthy partners, because we regard respecting the contract and the given word as being highly important.

We work with the best quality seeds, offering reliability, short payment terms and a very efficient logistics, so our collaborators can carry out their activities smoothly. Our basic principle of commerce is to respect our customers, thus facilitating the establishment of long-lasting collaborations.

We trade various cereals such as:

  • Durum wheat

  • Premium wheat

  • Sunflower

  • Corn

  • Rape

  • Sorghum

We offer short payment terms and the transport of grain at a great price

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