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in agriculture

Our main business is trading the best products such as seeds, fertilizers and pesticides in Romania and Poland at convenient prices. We know the specific of the domain and the problems of the farmers, and where we see the potential for improvement, we come up with innovative solutions, that are modern and tailored to the expectations of our clients.

We also offer grain trade between Poland and Romania, increasing in recent years the market for Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, where we use the advantages of the common market: the European Union. Last but not least, we perform agricultural services executed with the best equipment in the world and we automate halls and silos.

Our objective is to solve problems of all sorts in a timely manner, but especially fairly and professionally. We aim to be a stable partner for our suppliers, the first choice for farmers, our employees to be proud of their workplace and the investors to consider us long-term vision collaborators.

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